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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are your grant writing classes designed for and who should attend?

Our grant writing courses are designed especially for those seeking to learn what it takes to develop a winning proposal. We train those who are completely new to grant writing and those who are experienced grant writers as well.

Do you accept purchase orders from governmental and non-governmental agencies?

Yes, we accept purchase orders for our training.

What are the qualifications of the grant writing instructor(s)?

Our instructors and grant writing consultants are seasoned professionals and recognized experts in the field. Nearly all have advanced degrees and are respected teachers with an extensive and verifiable track record of helping others secure grant money and learn grant writing.  We require our instructors to be great communicators who are able to translate complex information into practical and easy-to-understand assistance to help you achieve your goals of getting funded.  We could go on and on about the many other qualifications, however, the greatest testament to the qualifications of our team is in the results they have helped others achieve. See and hear what others are saying.

Will this training help me to learn how to write government and foundation grant proposals?

Yes, both government and foundation grant proposals are addressed in our grant writing class. You will learn how to locate funding sources for public and private sector grants, and learn the major difference between these two types of grants.

What if I have never written a grant before?

This is nothing to worry about. In fact more than half of the people we train each year have never written a grant before. And those who have written proposals enhance their skills tremendously by learning our solid, no-nonsense approach to winning grant money. However, don't simply believe us! See and hear for yourself what others are saying on our site.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to take our classes. However, a general knowledge of basic computer skills and the ability to conduct online research will be useful.


Can I really learn to write a successful grant proposal?

Yes. In fact, we have taught many people who had never written a successful grant proposal and they were able to get funded by using our proven techniques, templates, and strategies. We do more than just give you instructions. We are more like grant writing coaches who guide you through the entire process. We help you look and sound like a professional grant writer, and help you avoid many common rookie mistakes. Our goal is to help you get funded by developing a quality grant that stands out from the rest of the pack.

Can these courses help me become a professional grant writer or consultant?

You will be glad to know that our courses have already helped many people advance in their grant writing careers as professional grant writers and assisted others in becoming grant writing consultants.  Nonprofit organizations are always in desperate need of good and qualified grant writers to assist them in raising money for their agencies.  Just search online and you will soon discover the high level of demand for grant writers. 

What is the financial investment for this training?

Your investment into this training is only $995 or $895 (if you register 60 days in advance).

7 Things To Ask A Grant Writing Training Company...

If the truth be told, Not all Grant Writing Courses are created the same. This Special Report highlights 7 Things To Ask A Grant Writing Training Company BEFORE You Let Them Teach You To Write A Grant!

  • Can I see and hear a sample of what your grant writing instructors are like so I can assess their knowledge and communication style to see if it fits with how I like to learn?
  • Does your grant writing trainings offer free, on-going support such as grant writing coaching videos after the workshop? If so, can I see a sample?
  • Does your grant writing workshop come with a free membership to the Grant Writers Association or any grant professional organization with a national presence?
  • Will your grant writing training provide me with any exclusive grant writing training videos and special reports to help guide me step-by-step and motivate me to action after the workshop is over?
  • Why is your cost so cheap and is this an indicator of the quality of services I can expect?
  • Does your grant writing training offer ongoing, specialized grant writing coaching, conferences and webinars to help me achieve greater success after the workshop is over?
  • Does your training help me to learn how to turn the skill of grant writing into a full or part-time business if I want to earn extra money on the side using this newly acquired knowledge?