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"Rodney, thanks again for the grants class a few months ago... Since taking your class, I have landed nearly $4 Million in state and federal grants for the City of Redlands." - Kjeld Lindsted

“As a participant in your training in January 2012, I came in as a beginner, and I did not know what to anticipate of the course - would it be too challenging? Would I understand the curriculum being discussed?  As introductions began I realized that the group was widely diverse - from professionals who had been grant writing with many years of experience and success behind them, to individuals such as me, who were new to the field. I walked out of the one-day training feeling confident and ready to take on the challenge of grant writing!” - Crystal Hernandez

We Helped Him Securing A Half A Millions In Food + $147,900

Hear how we helped this newcomer to grant writing learn how to win grants. Michael Ryer wrote his first grant and got funded!

Intern Secures Half-A-Millions For Parks & Recreations

You don't have to be a pro to learn how to garner he money. See how this intern was able to get funded!

All that is really needed is a desire to learn and the ability to put our simple step-by-step grant process to work for you and your organization.

First Grant She Won $100,000.00.... Hear for Yourself!

You too can become a Grant Hero by making a small investment into this training to bring more dollars to your agency. We've seen a lot of our students win grants in 6 month or less. This is a smart investment.

She Secured $25,000.00 in LessThan 90 Days

Kesley Prenger was sent to our training on the first day that she started working at Project Transformation in Dallas, Texas. She took our systems and put them to work for her agency and was successful in winning grant money in less than three months. 

Just imagine what is going to happen when you put our insight to work for your organization?

Helping You Get The RESULTS You Want

Grant Central USA Reviews

Faith-Based Organization


Coeducational Day School

Skeptic Becomes A Believer After Experiencing Training

Jason Pruner confessed that he came into our grant training skeptical. But after two days of engaging in our workshop, he left as a happy client.

Head Start Leaders Gain Confidence & Empowerment

The Sharon Baptist Head Start of New York brought there team for training and grew more confident.

Boys & Girls Club Executive Expresses Appreciation

David Walker of the Los Angeles County Boys & Girls Club expresses great appreciation for our trainings.


A Great Investment... To Get A Great Return

You too can become a Grant Hero by making a small investment into this training to bring more dollars to your agency. We've seen a lot of our students win grants in 6 month or less. This is a smart investment.

They Were So Glad They Came... Now They're Ready!

If you think you are going to have two long dry days of lectures, you are wrong. We keep our trainings highly interactive and engaging to help you learn this money making insight quick and easy.


Ideal For Beginners & Experienced Writers

"This is an excellent class for any level of grant writing that you may be doing. If you are a beginner or if you are an advanced grant writer you will walk away learning something and gaining some valuable tools that you can move forward and become a better grant writers. It's a class I would recommend and encourage everyone to take." - Paula Brown

"One of the Most Effective Trainings I've Been To"

You can go to a week long training but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will learn a lot about grant writing. Hear how this Executive Director compared our training to the others she has attended.

Retired Elementary School Teacher Overcomes Fear

"This was my first experience with the Grant Central USA workshop. It was wonderful. The materials and handouts that we received are going to be so helpful for me. In the past, I have had a phone phobia. I've been afraid about trying to call and ask for money or ask for help. And this has helped me. The hands on training just was spot-on. So, I highly recommend it coming to one of these workshops. Do it if you can."

This Experienced Grant Writer Learned New Insight

"..I've been writing grants for several years but I think I'll do a much better job now and have more successful proposals. The information that Rodney gave was concise and gave me new ideas for ways to write grants as well as things like working with a team that I've never thought of before." - Terri Fralick

"The Grant Writing Workshop Was A Unique Experience"

Hassan Huntley says that he got an immediate return on his investment from the insight we shared.

Faith-Based Leader Appreciates Usefulness Of Training

Anne Lobsinger of Ascending Lights appreciates the real-life application of our grant training resources.