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Hosting Our Event In Your Community


Ok, you’ve piqued my curiosity…So how does it work?

As a host we make your job easy. You provide a good location for us to conduct our event and we provide the registered attendees with today’s best information to assist them in writing compelling grant proposals that get funded.

What is a good location?

  • A good location includes the following:
  • Meeting space or classroom space to accommodate 15 people (including tables and chairs)
  • SMART room (including wireless internet access, whiteboard, and a computer/laptop connected to a projector and screen)
  • Good room acoustics…nothing with too much echo
  • Comfortable atmosphere with good lighting and a place free of distractions

You point them to us and we take care of the rest!

Think of it: You send out a few emails (we provide you with what to say) and point potential attendees to our Web site and we take care of all the rest!

  • We handle calls and questions on our toll-free number
  • We handle registration with our fully-automated system
  • We handle event reminders and offer excellent customer care
  • We will even design an attractive flyer to assist in promoting the event

How much is this going to cost us?

Let us break it down for you. Your obligation cost is nothing!

  • If your organization already has a good meeting space or access to one (free)
  • Sending out a few emails and telling your community (free)
  • Some of our guests like to show their hospitality to the attendees by providing coffee, juice, beverages, and/or light snacks, however, this is not required (optional).
  • We take care of all of the travel expenses, meals, and hotel accommodations for the presenter when you host a public event.
  • Thus, it really does not cost you anything because we shoulder the risk and are paid from the event registration fees. It’s really quite simple.

What do we get out of this? A lot! You get great free publicity.

  1. You position your organization as a community leader that offers useful information to those in need.
  2. You get two comp seats to attend the training event ($1,990 value) And if that wasn’t already enough, we will even give you some additional comp seats for every additional 12 people who register! ($995 value…Bring another staff person or sell it to a potential attendee). Do the math for yourself and you will see why it pays to go with us. 

Top 5 Reasons To Host A Grant Writing Classes

  1. We Make You Look Good. Our training consistently receives great reviews and our attendees are appreciative of the comprehensive information and insight we offer.
  2. Increase You and Your Organization’s Knowledge. You get two free seats to our training for your team or to sell as you please.
  3. We’re a Cut Above the Rest. Enjoy today’s best content in grant writing taught by great presenters
  4. We Increase Your Bottom Line. Knowledge is power and we provide lots of knowledge to help position your organization to receive grant monies for your causes.
  5. We are Great to Work With At Little Or No Cost To You.

How much lead time does it take before we can host an event?

We prefer to schedule out our event at least 15 weeks in advance to provide ample time to do a great job in promoting the event properly. We provide you with a week by week breakdown of how we jointly promote the event in your area.

Are there a minimum or maximum number of attendees that can attend?

We require a minimum of 8 attendees at our event. We like for our trainings to consist of around 15 students for each class. 


Do you host private events?

Yes, we provide your organization with the opportunity to host a private event for your organization. Here is how it works:

Our private event fee is $30,000 for a two-day event/ $15,000 for a one-day event (these fees include travel, hotel, and meals cost for the presenter). You secure the location and determine the base cost for each participant. We handle the registration for you (if you prefer)

What is the cost per person for your grant writing workshops?

Two Day Grant Writing Workshops - $995

Highly Effective: Engaging & Educational "Bottom Line" Training

  • Give Your Attendees a "Leg-up" With Insider Insights. Our real-world information and examples come straight from grant administrators, executive directors, seasoned grant writers and program officers.
  • Equip Your Attendees With the "Right Stuff": Seasoned, Tested & Credible Content. Students earn a certificate of completion after completing our grant writing courses, based on more than 23 years of non-profit consulting and training.
  • Empower Learning: Text, Audio and Video Fosters Understanding, Application and High Retention. Students are encouraged to develop a real, at-work, grant proposal and set up benchmarks throughout the course and set goals.

Our trainings are professionally designed and offer a no-nonsense approach to writing grant proposals the most effective way without wasting a lot of time.

What do I do next to sign-up as a host?

As soon as you are ready to go, please complete the grant writing event request form below.

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