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Grant Writing Coaching & Classes

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Grant Writing Webinars


Become A Grant Writer - 45 minute webinar (Free)

5 Essential Shifts Needed To Develop Grant Proposals That Get Funded 

Interested in Becoming A Grant Writer, but not quite sure where to start? This introductory training will help you to determine if grant writing is potentially a good fit for you or not. You will learn exactly what it takes to become a grant writer and learn what other professional grant writers did to break into this industry. Plus, discover why this career path may be ideal for those who enjoy working remotely. 

Here's How You Will Benefit...

  • Learn several of the top benefits to having a career as a grant writer
  • Discover a clear path to transition into becoming a grant writer without leaving your job
  • Gain insight into what makes grant writers so valuable to nonprofits and governmental agencies
  • Learn how much most grant writers get paid and how much they get paid for writing a grant proposal
  • Hear why other grant writers love grant writing and how to determine if you should pursue this career
  • Explore resources available to help you break into this career path quickly without wasting lots of time
  • Discover several of the top mistakes you will definitely want to avoid as you learn to become a grant writer
  • Plus, much more!

You will have an opportunity to hear from a leading professional grant expert and see several EYE-OPENING ideas to guide you on your journey.