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Helping You Get The Results You Want

“Thank you so much for your help. Probably not a day has gone by that I didn't use something from your workshop.” - Evelyn Barker, Director of Grants and Special Project at University of Texas

“As a participant in your training in January 2012, I came in as a beginner, and I did not know what to anticipate of the course - would it be too challenging? Would I understand the curriculum being discussed?  As introductions began I realized that the group was widely diverse - from professionals who had been grant writing with many years of experience and success behind them, to individuals such as me, who were new to the field. I walked out of the one-day training feeling confident and ready to take on the challenge of grant writing!” - Crystal Hernandez

“Overall, it was ALL valuable. I am brand new to grant writing, but with this course, I feel very confident in beginning my grant writing career.”– Tamura Springs, Executive Assistant, Waukegan Township, Waukegan, Illinois

"Rodney, thanks again for the grants class a few months ago... Since taking your class, I have landed nearly $4 Million in state and federal grants for the City of Redlands." - Kjeld Lindsted

“The presenter made this course the easiest to take in and store for use later. He kept the class engaged, addressed everyone by their name. Everyone was entertained and interested.”- Nellie Phillips, RIM Supervior, Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Anchorage, Alaska


Training That Demystifies Grant Writing

“Our organization attended the workshop today and it was awesome! It was presented in such away where I felt I could actually do it! Before coming to the seminar I thought that grant writing was going to be completely above my head.” Pierrette Downer, Executive Director of BFRIN


Bringing You Insight To Help You Get Funded...

“I enjoyed everything about the workshop. This class gives me a great base to navigating the grant writing world” – Anna Bo Emmanuel, Assistant State Attorney, Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office  

“I think the most valuable aspect was giving us a break every 50 minutes. This gave us an opportunity to refresh. You delivery was very engaging and made time fly by, especially when we were having fun.”– Michele Shimabuku, Academic Coach, Kahului Elementary School, Kahului, Hawaii 


“I came into the class with little knowledge on grant writing. I feel I have strong foundation now to begin to build my future in grant writing.” – Dayna Harrison, Germantown, MD  

“Interesting presenter…gave good examples and tips.” - Kim Olsen, Human Resources Manager, Crittenton Center, Sioux City, Iowa  

“Thank you for taking something scary and making it doable.” – Denise Fritter, Executive Director, Democratic School Research Institute, Kerrville, Texas 

We Empower Students With Knowledge & Confidence To Win Money


We Say It In A Way That Helps You Get It

"My name is Mark Dyken and I'm the Director of the Jamestown Family Resource Center. I just finished my class with Rodney and I've got to say it was a great time, he's a really good presenter and the information that he is giving people will really help you with your grant applications. It's done by somebody who knows the business, who spent sometime in it and you can tell that he really cares about what he is doing, so the information gets to you in a really effective way."


We Keep You From Wasting Time To Get Funded

“I found every hour of the workshop of value…I would not change a thing, it met my objectives.” - Chris Harshbarger, VP Business Development, Goodwill Industries, Waterloo, Iowa

“I’m incredibly comfortable now finding funding for new clients who may need to get funding from scratch.” – Ashley Faureau, Freelance Writer, Shippensburg, Pennsylvian   

“Everything was valuable” – Shawn Bumm, Fire Chief, Fire Protection District 4-A  

“The most valuable aspect of the workshop was “the fact that she was an actual grant reviewer. She could tell us exactly what they are looking for and what to do and what not to do.” – Michelle Zemba, Saint Theresa School, New Cumberland, Pennsylvian  

“The interactive workshop was the most valuable and informative portion. It was fun to put what we have learned to use and to get others input on it.”– Connie Powell, Adminsitrator, Chilton County Commission, Clanton, AL  

“All aspects of the workshop were very valuable for me as I had no experience in grant writing.”​– Kelcie Takayama, Teacher, Kahului Elementary School,  Kahului, Hawaii  

“Enjoyed the course…things were explained well.”- Kim Olsen, Human Resources Manager, Crittenton Center, Sioux City, Iowa 

Our Alumni Gain A Great Return On Their Investment


We Remove All The Guesswork To Help You Win

"Hi I'm Gini and I just finished a two days workshop with Grant Central USA. It has been an incredible two days. I've learned just an enormous amount of information about grant writing, finding funders, obtaining those funds for my nonprofit organization. I highly recommend this workshop and I am looking forward to attending more workshops with this organization... There is not anything in these two days that I did not find quite valuable."


Guiding You Step-By-Step To Getting Funded Again and Again

“Great info. Best $ I’ve spent in awhile!”

-Katherine Nolan, Documentation Manager, Los Angeles, California

“…all the information was helpful.” – Marc Stockhausen, Executive Assistant for Grants and Foundations, Archbishop Shaw High School, Marrero, Louisiana

“I thought the workshop was very valuable…lots of worthwhile information.” – Michelle Walker, Executive Director, Sterling Senior Center, Sterling, Alaska

"Every piece of information that was imparted was extremely valuable." - Melanie Magill, Sr. QA Analyst, Career Source Broward

“I learned how much research and relationship cultivation is necessary which I was not aware of.” - Sharon Chin, Triumph Crisis Recovery Center

"Great material and resources!" - Cleopatra Trevilcock, Development Director, Greater Miami Adventist Academy, Miami, Florida

“I liked it all…All information valuable.” - Kimberly McPherson, Grant Coordinator, Humane Society of Greater Miami

“For a beginner to the world of grant writing, I feel that I can begin writing proposals with confidence tomorrow.” - Terry Anderson, Director Administrative Services, Firebaugh - Las Deltas Unified School District

“I gained a sense of confidence in what I am able to do... the workshop greatly enhanced my knowledge.” - Jennifer Workman, Impact and Alcohol Treatment Center

“On my gosh, this was the best training I’ve been to in a very long time. I love the ideas about building a Grant Writing Library and the resources to check the 990. Thank you! This is going to be a game changer” - Mable Perez

Gain The Rights Insight & Tools Needed To Succeed

"When we came into this class I think that we had a moderate knowledge of what was required for grant applications. But, through the course of these last two days we've certainly learned that it is more of a business application. We've learned valuable skills and tips. We've gain new knowledge and obviously tools. And I think that once we leave here today we are going to go back and be much more successful in our grant applications." Kate Cunningham, Lakeside Rodeo


Seek Grants With Confidence Using Proven Strategies

“Just wanted you to know, I followed your script--"I've looked at your website and 990, is there anything else I should look at to determine if we are a good fit?" They replied, on cue, "Tell me about your project." I did, and now we have been invited to apply for a grant! This is a foundation that does 90% of its funding in NYC, so I'm really pleased even to be invited. It tells me I'm going in the right direction with my work. Thank you so much for your help. Probably not a day has gone by that I didn't use something from your workshop.” - Evelyn Barker, Director of Grants and Special Project at University of Texas

“All information was incredibly valuable!” – Maile Baltierra, Youth Coordinator, Bakersfield American Indian Health Clubhouse

“Everything was very valuable.” – Kelly Cherry, Finance Director, Town of Red River, New Mexico

“This was my first grant writing class and I found it to be very valuable.” – Kelly Cherry, Finance Director, Town of Red River, New Mexico

“The workshop has provided the foundation to my grant writing future.” – Diego Emestica, Health Promoter, Esperanza Community Housing, Los Angeles, California

“Great energy and extremely knowledgable!” - Diego Emestica, Health Promoter, Esperanza Community Housing, Los Angeles, California

“So valuable…I learned so much during this training. I’ve gone to many trainings on grants but this one was so interactive…made it really fun…I would take this course again and again.” – Jessica Tonjes, Director of Development, National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Good afternoon, I’m calling from the Los Angeles Urban League and I just wanted to let people know how wonderful I found the grant writing course. My colleagues and I enjoyed it. The instructor was phenomenal, very knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic. I couldn’t ask for a better day for a grant writing course.  I just wanted to share with you that you should experience it, too. If you are interested in grant writing, whether you have experience or not. You definitely want to check out the grant writing course through Grant Central USA.”  – Angela Dai’ Re


"As Executive Director, I know first hand Grant Central USA produces quality trainings for those seeking to get grant money for their organization. I have sent five of my staff through their trainings and the feedback was very positive and the results were even better. Nonprofits owe it to themselves to get the knowledge and training to help prepare quality grant proposals the right way.” - Charles Thomas, Jr., Executive Director, Outward Bound Adventures, Pasadena, California

“I felt this was an excellent workshop with a good amount of information to get started but not get overwhelemed. I feel ready to go after this.” – Sarah Highhouse, Teacher, Vineyard Christian School, Fullerton, California

“I’ve never written a grant before so this who class was really great for me to learn what goes into it. The instructor was great! Super helpful.” – Kayley Williams, Office Manager, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge

Super helpful.” – Kayley Williams, Office Manager, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge

“I’m new to this, so it was all very helpful!” – Wayne Rogers, Program Manager, Austism Services Association, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

“This is an excellent class for any level of grant writing that you may be doing.  If you are a beginner or if you are an advanced grant writer you will walk away learning something and gaining some valuable tools that you can move forward and become a better grant writers.  It's a class I would recommend and encourage everyone to take.” - Paula Brown, Delaware Nation, Anadarko, Oklamhoma

“The entire workshop was very engaging! Presenters energy was great and made content have more meaning.” - Anna Ramirez, Superintendent, Raising City Elementary School District

“The workshop was presented in a timely manner and very professional” - Mar Joe Wooten, Director, Fort Myer Rescue Mission, Fort Myers, Florida

“I found all aspects of the workshop to be valuable.” –Alyson Dolbek, Director of Financial Operations, National Anti-Vivisection Society, Chicago, Illinois

“I love the interaction with my classmates.” – Melissa Holmes, Project Manager, Jeanette’s Little haven Christian Academy, Dallas, TX

“Last year I was seeking to set-up a community youth center at the church. I attended the grant writing seminar. This was followed by several sessions of one-on-one coaching opportunities. We applied for a set-up grant and was awarded $15,000. This grant was possible primarily due to the professional guidance through the project design and the grant writing process. The staff is more than knowledgeable. They are friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help folks like me figure out how to do what I feel call to do, serve the community.” – Kinoti Meme, PhD., Associate Professor, Regis University, Denver, Colorado

“I no longer feel intimidated by the prospect of grant writing. Knowing there are specific do's and don'ts makes me feel much more comfortable to begin my first grant writing experience.” - Janet Fugler, Smith County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, Tyler, Texas

New & Experienced Grant Writers Benefit From Us

“I thought the grant course provided a great foundation and building blocks for the beginning grant writer as well as more experienced grant writers so it really provided something for everyone.” - John Bell, City of Madera